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November 13 - 16, 2003
Southern Yacht Club, New Orleans, LA

Liz Baylis, with crew Nancy Haberland, Karina Shelton and Aimee Hess, Win the U.S. Women's Match Racing Championship and the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy

2nd Place, Carol Cronin, qualifies for the "Host Slot" at the 2004 World Match Racing Championship and she and her crew, Liz Merrifield Filter, Linda Epstein, JoAnn Fisher, are awarded
Mrs. Charles Francis Adams Memorial Trophy

Day 4 Report - November 16th - 12:40 pm CST  The breeze held relatively steady in the 7-9 knot range for the final races of the event. Results Baylis over Cronin in the finals and Swett over Barlow in the petit-final.

12:00 pm CST  The wind finally filled in from the north to allow for two races. In the finals, it was Baylis over Cronin and in the petit-finals Swett beat Barkow. No race can start after 2:00 pm.

11:30 am CST  The wind settled in from the south just long enough to get everyone excited, but did a 180 to the north. Back into postponement!

9:30 am CST  They are in postponement, waiting for a steady breeze to fill in. Weather Station LKPL1 - Western Lake Ponchartrain, LA


Baylis 2
Cronin 0
Swett 2
Barkow 0


Day 3 Report - November 15th - 10:00 am  Breeze is lighter today 8-10. The seventh flight is complete. Cronin remains undefeated. Baylis is in second with 6 wins. The top four teams at the end of the round robin (9 flights) will go into the semis.  Matches remain close.

11:15 am With the eighth flight completed, Cronin and Baylis are now tied with 7 wins. Barkow and Swett tied with six.  In the seventh flight, Cronin vs Barkow, the lead changed hands three times after the start.  Cronin won the start, but it was Barkow who won the match.  It's been very exciting and there is more to come. 

12:30 pm  Round robin completed.  Breeze has been holding, it's now 5 to 10.  In the 9th flight, Cronin vs Baylis, Cronin came out ahead.  Going into the semis are Cronin, Baylis, Swett and Barkow.  Stay tuned. 

2:30 pm  The wind shut off after the round robin.  It's gone up.  It's gone down.  For the last two hours it's been too light to start a match.  Clouds come and go.  It is up now and we are going to begin the first match of the semis.  It'll be Barkow vs. Cronin, then Baylis vs Swett.  We are hopeful that the breeze will hold steady or better yet build.  

Well, the breeze never came up.  Two matches were started and later abandoned.  The semis will begin again tomorrow.  First to two wins - takes all.  We're all on the edge of our seats...  Sleep well, more tomorrow... 

ps - I have been receiving these reports from Susan Epstein - and Karen Reisch, the local regatta chair, has organized a wonderful event at Southern Yacht Club.

Standings after one complete Round Robin (9 Flights)
Total Wins                                          Total Wins
Cronin                      8 Kratzig             5
Baylis                       7 Arms                3
Swett                        7 Buckley            2
Barkow                     6 Hayes               2
Swanson                  5 Bienvenu         0

Day 2 Report - November 14th - 9:00am After a short postponement on land, the race officials, umpires, sailors and spectators went out to the course with high hopes of getting in today's and some of yesterday's flights.  Morning conditions - breeze 17 and the lake is disturbed.  A lot of residual confused (approx 4 foot) waves smashing about - not so bad in the J/22s, it's the umpires, race officials and spectators who are feeling it the most.  I'll pause here to thank the fourteen wonderful umpires from around the world.

1:00 pm - Two flights have been completed and the third is underway. Baylis, Cronin, Sweat and Swanson currently in the lead (each with two wins each) Conditions are great!  Lake Ponchartrain has flattened out somewhat from yesterday's breeze and wind is at 12 gusting to 15.

2:30 pm - Four flights completed and the fifth is beginning. Cronin and Baylis are currently in the lead (each with four wins). Wind is at 10 to 12. Matches are tight with exceptional boat handling. The 14 of the umpires on their toes.

3:30 pm - Five flights have been completed and we are in the middle of the sixth. Cronin and Baylis remain undefeated - each with five wins.  Lake Pontchartrain has calmed down from yesterday's breeze and wind is 8 to 10. Matches are tight with exceptional boat handling. The 14 of the umpires on their toes. Racing continues through Sunday at this Rolex sponsored championship.

4:30 pm - Winds have been dropping throughout afternoon, currently breeze is 5 - max 7.  All are in from the water.  With 6 flights completed.  Nine flights complete the round robin.  Racing commence early tomorrow.  Forecasting- sunshine along with some passing clouds. High 79F. Winds S at 5 to 10 mph. - It's a free night.  We'll see you all early tomorrow morning. 

Standings after 6 Flights
Total Wins                                 Total Wins
Baylis                        6 Arms                2
Cronin                        6 Kratzig             2
Barkow                      4 Buckley           1
Swanson                    4 Hayes              1
Swett                         4 Bienvenu          0

Day 1 Report - November 13th - Racing was to start today at 1pm, but the high winds kept the sailors off the course.  Wind was blowing 25 and kicking up the surf - mighty choppy.  The J22s did head out onto Lake Ponchartrain, but were called back prior to reaching the course.  At approx. 2pm racing was cancelled for the day. 

Now all - sailors, umpires, race officials and volunteers - are taking advantage of the Southern Yacht Club's hospitality. 

Umpires in attendance are Deb Schoenherr, Jeff Borland, Dick Kemp, Egil Wold, Andy Wardle, Ruth Miller, Tom Roberts, Steve Wrigley, Sandy Grosvenor, Don Makowiecki, Chris
Petracco, Jim Walsh, Glenn Oliver and Tom Rinda. 

Conditions at 6:00 pm - Few clouds, 67 degrees, wind out of the North at 20 mph
Forecast for Friday - Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds, High 66 degrees, Winds NE at 10 to 20 mph.   - until tomorrow.


November 13-16, 2003

Host Club

Southern Yacht Club


New Orleans, LA

Regatta Chair

Karen Reisch




Susan Epstein

Ten Teams Selected to Compete
10 Skippers Selected -
Charlie Arms, Sally Barkow, Liz Baylis, Louise Bienvenu, Sarah Buckley , Carol Cronin, Sandy Hayes, Elizabeth Kratzig, Jody Swanson & Hannah Swett

Qualifier for the "Host Slot" at the 2004 World Women's Match Racing Championship!!

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