U.S.  Women's Match Racing Championship 2005
Saturday, November 19, 2005

.Under trying weather conditions, but with much fanfare, Sally Barkow was crowned the winner of the 2005 U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship.  This is Sally's second Match Racing title in as many months.


Two round robins had been completed on Thursday and with racing abandoned on Friday, abbreviated semi-finals (first to 2 points) and only one consolation round robin were sailed this morning under cloudy skies with a south wind at 3-5 knots.   In semi-final 1, Katy Lovell won the first two matches against Betsy Alison and Sally Barkow beat Liz Baylis in three matches to move into the final round. 


The wind began to shift way right, then way left before what little velocity they had completely shut off and the race committee was forced to sit and wait for the weather patterns to settle in.  A shift to the north was predicted for the day, but unfortunately, there was too little time remaining for a complete final/petit round and only one match in each was sailed before the RC made the decision to abandon.


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 Complete Standings

Final results:


1st Sally Barkow, Deborah Capozzi, Anna Tunnicliffe & Lee Icyda

2nd Katy Lovell, Deborah Willits, Ann Graham, Alice Manard

3rd Betsy Alison, Sandy Hayes, Chafee Emory, Amanda Callahan

4th Liz Baylis, Pease Glaser, Melinda Erkelens, Suzy Leech

5th Charlie Arms, Dana Riley, Jamie Haines, Alexa Bestoso

6th Louise Bienvenu, Tirza Dabdoub, Janice Griglack, Lisa Luongo

7th Arabella Denvir, Wendy Vann, Lisa Denvir, Jessamine Lewis

8th Gretchen Douglas, Linda McDavitt, Camden Bobek, Raylene Hylland